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-- Not Official -- 2016 TT - Jan 23-24 -- Not Official --
SS0128Varon, JavierSan Diego
SS029902:16.66Gedanken, JaySan Diego
SS02662Benton, DaveSan Diego
SS03502Fruehauf, BenjaminSan Diego
SS067032:09.54Flanagan, ShawnSan Diego
SS061122:10.34Raines, AndrewSan Diego
SS061162:13.80Jacobs, RowinOrange Coast
SS06664Eisler, SteveSan Diego
SS063131Garson, BobSan Diego
SS06342Ly, VinhSan Diego
SS06750Perkins, ArnieGrand Prix
SS06697Rychlik, BobSan Diego
SS09935Abrams, LennyMetro New York
CC02559Lefebvre, PeterSan Diego
CC02174Tiano, BrettSan Diego
CC049602:10.65Behun, BillSan Diego
CC04420Miller, MikeSan Diego
CC054212:09.60Hockett, DanGrand Prix
CC05343Hens, StephenOrange Coast
CC061012:09.12Curran, MarkSan Diego
CC06925Armstrong, EricSan Diego
CC06111Young, CathySan Diego
CC0712:01.38Rondeau, MarkSan Diego
CC07512:06.01Linares, RalphSan Diego
CC07725Donnelly, RichardSan Diego
CC07242Leslie, ScottSan Diego
CC081292:07.96Hockett, DaveGrand Prix
CC08472Olimon, RicardoSan Diego
CC08L558Lefebvre, KimSan Diego
CC09972:03.02Grosekemper, SteveSan Diego
CC09982:06.20Phillips, GregSan Diego
CC0911012:08.38Roberts, KrisSan Diego
CC10912:01.109thChambers, DanSan Diego
CC109342:01.2010thDahlkamp, EthanSan Diego
CC10472:03.97Middleton, DonSan Diego
CC1066Lee, JaeSan Diego
CC119521:59.816thPowell, FrankSan Diego
CC113152:08.21Fingland, JamieSan Diego
CC11812Antons, KennethSan Diego
CC11355Arter, TomSan Diego
CC11131Thomason, JoeLas Vegas
CC126661:59.084thCarusillo, DanielSan Diego
CC128551:59.947thWing, BruceSan Diego
CC129612:01.53Duncan, JimSan Diego
CC12445Larkin, MichaelOrange Coast
CC12888Mania, MartinOrange Coast
CC12425Tordella, PaulGrand Prix
CC139811:54.471stDuncan, JadSan Diego
CC139302:02.16Forrester, RobertOrange Coast
CC137742:04.10Walker, JimOrange Coast
CC131111Arvai, AndySan Diego
CC13114Muscat, CorySan Diego
CC13107Nolan, ChristopherGrand Prix
CC13639Nufer, TonySan Diego
CC145111:55.512ndHoffman, JerrySan Diego
CC145911:56.333rdKramer, MarcusSan Diego
CC149182:00.968thCarides, PeterSan Diego
CC141004Carnevale, ChadSan Diego
CC141660Hutnyan, DianeOrange Coast
CC14709Wooldridge, MarkLos Angeles
CC14571Kim, MichaelLos Angeles
CC15212:09.59Buck, JamesOrange Coast
CC16861:59.725thEguina, SteveOrange Coast
911Spec46Neel, SeanGrand Prix
944Spec582:08.35Sharp, CharlesSan Diego
944Spec2722:12.48Diamond, DavidSan Diego
944Spec3802:15.13Sloan, PatrickGrand Prix
944Spec852:16.16Sharp, DebbySan Diego
944Spec6391Abbott, JimSan Diego
944Spec74Busalacchi, IsabellaSan Diego
944Spec18Carter, SkipGrand Prix
944Spec459DeLira, GeraldSan Diego
944Spec77Rickard, JohnSan Diego
BoxsterSpec3482:07.93Vogel, BillOrange Coast
X02:03.06Baizer, RobertSan Diego
X532:03.39Shon, RussellSan Diego
X562:08.85Woolley, ZekeSan Diego
X1212:09.25Yip, FredSan Diego
X412:10.57Nguyen, BryantSan Diego
X19602:24.04Smith, DavidSan Diego
X346Burke, EzraNot in PCA
X580Cullen, JamesOther PCA Region
X450Epperson, RoySan Diego
X426Fenstermaker, CraigSan Diego
X148Firshein, SteveGrand Prix
X110Marmureanu, AlexanderLos Angeles
X11Miller, JackSan Diego
X954Moore, RyanNot in PCA
X920Perkins, TerryLos Angeles
X923Rosenberg, AllanGrand Prix
X282Roush, KevinSan Gabriel Valley
X188Rozenblatt, MikeGrand Prix
X113Smith, JarettSan Diego
X210Tomic, MihajloSan Diego
X1345Vogel, MaureenOrange Coast
X751Wolcott, JimGrand Prix