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April 8-10
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-- Not Official -- Transponder Top Group Times -- Timed Run Group Session 1 2016 TT - Jan 23-24 -- Not Official --
CC13TT w/TR98101:54.47 Duncan, JadTimed1 Silver
CC14TT w/TR51101:55.51 Hoffman, JerryTimed1 Tangerine
CC14TT w/TR59101:56.33 Kramer, MarcusTimed1 Blue
CC12TT w/TR66601:59.08 Carusillo, DanielTimed1 Red
CC16TT w/TR8601:59.72 Eguina, SteveTimed1 Silver/Blue
CC11TT w/TR95201:59.81 Powell, FrankTimed1 Blue
CC12TT w/TR85501:59.94 Wing, BruceTimed1 White
CC14TT w/TR91802:00.96 Carides, PeterTimed1 Blue
CC10TT w/TR9102:01.10 Chambers, DanTimed1 Black
CC10TT w/TR93402:01.19 Dahlkamp, EthanTimed1 Yellow
CC07TT w/TR102:01.38 Rondeau, MarkTimed1 Silver
CC12TT w/TR96102:01.53 Duncan, JimTimed1 Blue Silver Red
CC13TT w/TR93002:02.16 Forrester, RobertTimed1 White
CC09TT w/TR9702:03.02 Grosekemper, SteveTimed1 Red
XTT w/TR002:03.06 Baizer, RobertTimed1 Black
XTT w/TR5302:03.39 Shon, RussellTimed1 Metallic Red
CC10TT w/TR4702:03.97 Middleton, DonTimed1 Platinum
CC13TT w/TR77402:04.09 Walker, JimTimed1 Silver
CC07TT w/TR5102:06.01 Linares, RalphTimed1 Black
CC09TT w/TR9802:06.20 Phillips, GregTimed1 Red
BoxsterSpecTT w/TR34802:07.93 Vogel, BillTimed1 Mocha
CC08TT w/TR12902:07.96 Hockett, DaveTimed1 White
CC11TT w/TR31502:08.21 Fingland, JamieTimed1 Black
944SpecTT w/TR5802:08.35 Sharp, CharlesTimed1 Red /Wh Stripes
CC09TT w/TR110102:08.38 Roberts, KrisTimed1 Black
XTT5602:08.85 Woolley, ZekeTimed1 Black
CC06TT w/TR10102:09.12 Curran, MarkTimed1 Red
XTT w/TR12102:09.25 Yip, FredTimed1 White
SS06TT w/TR70302:09.54 Flanagan, ShawnTimed1 Gray
CC15TT w/TR2102:09.59 Buck, JamesTimed1 White
CC05TT w/TR42102:09.60 Hockett, DanTimed1 Silver
SS06TT w/TR11202:10.34 Raines, AndrewTimed1 Black
XTT w/TR4102:10.57 Nguyen, BryantTimed1 White
CC04TT w/TR96002:10.65 Behun, BillTimed1 Butterscotch
944SpecTT w/TR27202:12.48 Diamond, DavidTimed1 Red
SS06TT w/TR11602:13.80 Jacobs, RowinTimed1 Red
944SpecTT w/TR38002:15.13 Sloan, PatrickTimed1 Red
944SpecTT w/TR8502:16.16 Sharp, DebbyTimed1 Red /Wh Stripes
SS02TT w/TR99002:16.66 Gedanken, JayTimed1 Arctic Silver 1
XTT w/TR196002:24.04 Smith, DavidTimed1 Emerald Mica